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The Idea

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The dog

Mestizo Coffee Co. was born from the idea of wanting to create a community of familiar faces where we could show Latin American from a different perspective.  One where traditions and heritage define our roots, our background and our flavors. That's why in each cup of coffee you can smell and taste the traces of hard work, humble gratitude and pride for what defines us. 

Historically the word "Mestizo" was used in Spain and Hispanic America and referred to people who were a blend of European and Indigenous background.  Now, we as a coffee company, embrace the word affectionately to highlight the diversity in our flavors as well as the diversity in the products we sell in our shop.

Mestizo Coffee Co. opened it's doors and served it's first coffee in August of 2018.  Earlier that year when we were scouting locations, we stumbled upon an untouched East Hollywood neighborhood we had never explored before.  Let's just say we had a good feeling.  Three and half years later, the neighborhood has blossomed and the community we longed to create is the foundation of our business.

A VERY dog friendly shop, the "mestizo" dog in our logo is a rendering of one (maybe two) of our beloved four legged friends that made an imprint on our heart. 

Let’s Work Together

Our coffee loves to travel!!


Contact us to feature a full coffee bar at your next event, pop up, faire or small gathering.

We'd also love for our beans be on your menu! We'll sell at wholesale prices and ship anywhere in the United States. 

4876 Fountain Ave 

Los Angeles, CA 91506